EVEN moves forward with five hotels

NEW  YORK-With  five  hotels   underway-three of them  in  New York City-EVEN Hotels has managed to make a dent in lodging’s popular lifestyle hotel segment less than two years after launching.The in-house developed  lHC brand has carved  its own niche  within  that playing field by focusing  on wellness, health and fitness as the core of its operating model  and  guest-experience offering.”We, as a company, have put a  platform in place that our customer needs are the priority-and we’re doing that within  all of our  brands-but within EVEN Hotels that need very simply is:I want to enable  my wellness when I travel,'” said Adam Glickman, head of EVE 1 Hotels. “What  we heard  from customers  over and  over again  was it was very hard  for them  to keep their routine on the road.At IHC, we believe that very, very strong trend is becoming part of everyday life.”
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