Different Approaches Win Competition for Refugee Housing

Kaufman designed a system of prefabricated modules that nest within each other for shipping, then slide out on-site. Pivoting solar panels and wind turbines on the roofs provide power, while rain is collected for drinking water, and dry composting toilets eliminate the need for sewage connection. As a result, the houses can operate even when a city’s power grid has collapsed. Kaufman, who runs his own firm in New York City and has explored prefabricated plastic bathroom modules for hotel projects, says, “I’ve been working on all kinds of housing my entire career, so this competition was a chance to use that expertise for a good cause. You can say I’ve had this idea inside me for a long time.” He hopes to set up a nonprofit foundation that would produce the units, renting or selling some to pay for others deployed to disaster or refugee sites .[read more at The].