Newsmakers: Robert Siegel and Gene Kaufman

Following his business partner’s death, Siegel, 72, knew he would need to evolve the firm, but he wasn’t sure how. Though many domestic and international firms courted him, including two in Korea, he turned them away. “I really like the idea that architecture is something you make, that you are accountable for, that it’s not a big corporate activity,” Siegel says. “They made some appealing financial offers, but it just wasn’t the right world for me.” Despite having to lay off staff, Siegel wasn’t interested in teaming up with another firm—until he got a call from the New York architect Gene Kaufman.Known for commercial buildings, condominiums and hotels, Kaufman was dubbed “Mr. Prolific” by the New York Times. His firm has designed more than 60 hotels in the New York region since 2000, many with the McSam Hotel Group, for clients including Marriott, Hyatt, Sheraton, and Hilton.[read more on The Architectual].