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crowne plaza

138-10 135th st
queens, NY


The Crowne Plaza at JFK Airport is a full-service hotel with glass façades providing great window views of all of Queens.

Given that the property sits just a 1/4 mile from one of the busiest air terminals in the world, we wanted to incorporate this context into different areas of the Hotel. The key was to give visitors a sense of what it would be like to view the area from the sky. Looking at NASA flight maps over the Airport, we explored the geometries and layers of patterns created by planes departing and arriving throughout the day. A large part of our design process had a relationship with how we go about our lives, connecting and converging with others, as we create our own flight paths and hubs of activity.

We used the concept imagery of the flight paths over the headboard as a powerful accent in the room. Rich tones of red and deep grey are offset from the reflective linear elements. This theme is then reinterpreted in clean, sharp environment lines, the carpet extending beyond the edges of the room, as if connecting you to the world around you.

The guestroom was designed to appeal to a business traveler aesthetic, yet with the challenge to create something exciting and youthful to reflect its urban surroundings.